Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things I've realized lately..

* Not everybody will agree with your rates & services and that's ok. We can't cover 100-200 weddings per year. You charge what you believe is a fair value for the product/service you provide.

* I've learned to trust my instinct
. Not every bride is a MBS bride and taking on a client who isn't a good fit for you can possibly turn out to be a nightmare. Um.. for the record, I've had two brides whom I honestly didn't want to see after their weddings for various reasons. They seriously had me doubting if I was right for the job.

* Being passionate and being addicted to your work is a different story. This line so often gets blurred if you don't continue to check the attitude of your heart. Trying to find your identity and self worth through your work & accomplishments will only lead you to self appraisal or self pity/discouragements. I have experienced on both ends and realized my identity and my worth should NEVER come from work or how other people view my work. I love my job but my job doesn't define who I am. Know your boundaries and never neglect family and friends because of your job. *sigh* another reminder for myself. :)

* While it's great to network, there's no need to be friends with ALL the vendors/event professionals. This job isn't a popularity contest or how many people you 'click' with. I believe vendors should be people who you can rely on for source of strength and encouragement, inspirations (venting is allowed time to time! :) not about how you can use their talent for the sake of growing of your own business OR to spread your name out there.

* There's no need to check every wedding blog and subscribe over 100 blogs out there for source of inspirations. There are so much loveliness in the blog world but true inspirations should come from the couple and we're hired to bring their vision to life- not copy someone else's beautiful wedding.

* Hire staff you can depend on
(again! trust your instinct) and delegate and delegate! With that last note said, we have some amazing news to share as we get ready for the year 2011! Stay tuned for updates.

What are some of the lessons you've learned lately while running your own creative business?


Unknown said...

love your reflections, esther :)

Esther said...

hi bethany! thanks for always checking back to see our updates! :)

Grace said...

=) i've always loved your posts esther. i hope it never ends to thrive!

Esther said...

awww.. thanks grace! you know who to call when you get engaged! :)

Anonymous said...

you should always know better than NOT to listen to your instincts... maybe you will know better now to turn down jobs if you feel like it isn't a good fit for you...

jozen said...

hey esther! love you blog! just wanted to let you know that i am a wedding planner as well.. this was my 4th summer... it's been quite a roller coaster :)

so glad to meet someone else in the same creative business!