Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celina & David's Wedding Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Today's wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes and we're SO delighted to share more photos from Celina & David's adorable, sweet wedding taken by the talented Heather Kincaid! Please head over to Green Wedding Shoes to read all the juicy details from Celina & myself.

How it all started...
"It was Valentine's Day, 2004. Celina was a sophomore at Wellesley; David a junior at Harvard. Earlier that day, Celina's friends had made plans to go dancing with some gentlemen from Harvard. Bending to her friends' pleas, Celina agreed to go along. And off to Boston they went. The night on the dance floor was magical. David was struck by Celina's poise and beauty. Celina was struck by David's childish dance moves..."

Without much interruption, hope you enjoy these photos & be smitten by their cuteness!

Isn't Celina SO adorable? :)

My favorite shot of the couple.. They're SO in love!

pale blue bridesmaids dresses
Can you believe Celina drew the map herself?

To keep the focus on the beauty of the chapel, we kept the florals understated with a few lemon garlands along the aisle. Celina’s childhood pastor officiated a beautiful ceremony. It’s unclear who shed the first tear, but by the time the dust settled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Font size

It's been a while since I helped with the pae bek ceremony this year so I had to refresh my memory a bit. ;) If you haven't already, please visit our pae bek site to watch the demonstration & all the step by step instructions about the ceremony.
Now onto some juicy reception details..

scrabble letters wedding decorations
Stinkin cute DIY Mr. & Mrs. lemon that Celina made!

wedding cake with lemons on top
library card catalog

I'm so in love with these lawn game shots that Heather took!

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We still have a few more weddings to reveal so come back real soon! Happy Wednesday!