Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Mommy was too cheap to get me a Halloween costume so she got creative!

By day.. I was a teddy bear.
a hand-me-down PJ and mommy glued leftover pom poms from my birthday party.

By night.. I was a lil ROCKSTAR!

Do you notice my cool chains & plugs? :)

Mommy told me I'd look cool if I wore her shades so I did.
a girl's tights ($2.99), converse ($24 @ Target), Kenneth Cole baby jacket (gift from a friend) and some gel or moose for the mohawk hairstyle. ;)

G-night, readers! I'm all pooped out from partying too much! - Grant


steph said...

soo adorable! <3

Jane said...

OMG, saw your adorable son @ lil prince and loved his costume!!! My cousin Hannah was raving about your son's dohl (which I also happened to see on Korean first birthday) Love your creativity!!!!! Totally an inspiration! Do you plan dohls too?~ Jane

Esther said...

Hi Jane!!! I so remember you seeing you @ lil prince cafe! We should have talked more! :) I currently don't plan kids parties as weddings alone keep us really busy. ;) Maybe we can just hang out and chat next time while our kids play at the cafe? Grant LOVES going there but it's so expensive!!!

Anonymous said...

your son is SOOOOO adorable! lucky YOU!

Jane said...

Hi Esther, yes that sounds fun!!! my son dylan loves it there too! (And I like the down time it offers me ;)

Esther said...

Hi Jane!
Let's def get together sometime in Nov? what's your email address? :) or you can email me directly and we'll figure out when. yay!

milk tea + polkadots said...

The teddy bear costume is so cute! It's awesome you just stuck on the pom poms. It looks like the onesie was made that way! Oh my...and the rocker costume. Even more adorable than the first. Love his gelled hair and earrings/plugs. :) Bravo for mad creativity!