Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to make a custom backdrop, the easy & simple way

How do you create a simple backdrop that's easy, light (not to mention, cheap) to transport in your car without too much of a hassle?
If the space or venue you're using won't allow any kind of hanging or taping, what's the best way to solve this matter? Today, I want to show you the easy & simple way to make a backdrop. You can easily create this look without having to do too much work. Plus, you can also reuse this backdrop and just change the color of the fabric for any events/parties you may have in the future. :)

Before I share some tips with you, I wanted to show you a before & after picture of our veggie/fruit bar. Having a backdrop makes quite a difference, don't you think?

Including a backdrop definitely pulls the look all together and makes such a difference in photos!!
Just wanted to share a few pictures I took w/ my iPhone while getting ready for the shoot
Here's how it looked before we began our table..
laid out some few props to evenly position the dessert stands...
finishing up on all the tags..
I also purchased a green damask pattern fabric to give a bit of contrast to our table

Here's what you'll need
Any type of iron, Fabric ($20), Spray glue ($7.99), foam board ($20)= Total: less than $50 bucks

This simple project can be done in less than 20 min!

1) Buy a foam board that's big enough to cover a 6ft table. The biggest one I found was a 5 ft wide at Michael's so as you can see, I had to connect one more ft with a duck tape (tip: you can always make the backdrop bigger than the table)

2) Purchase a fabric of your choice (best to buy a thicker fabric to reduce any wrinkles) and iron the fabric before you spray glue it to the foam board.

3) Carefully spray glue the fabric and press it real hard as you go down so you don't get any air bubbles. (tip: If you do get air bubbles, just simply peel off the fabric and work on it again. Make sure to spread newspaper before you spray glue the fabric!)

4) After you're done gluing the entire fabric, you want to iron it out AGAIN to make the backdrop smoother. Any kind of wrinkles may show up on the pictures so make sure you don't have any air bubbles!

Hope you enjoyed our little DIY post and have a healthy Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Be sure to check back as we have a few more weddings to post before the year ends!


Rowaida said...

Thank you for an amzing post! love your blog and dessert tables.
Wish you great success.

milk tea + polkadots said...

What a difference the backdrop makes! I have a question though...how do you hang it up?

Jane said...

that's awesome!!!! i was trying to figure out a way to hang up the backdrop for Maddie's dohl. Gotta use this idea!!!! Thanks!

Esther said...

thanks guys! @milk tea + polkadots, we didn't hang the backdrop. we just let it lean again the wall. you could also secure the backdrop with light tape. ;)