Sunday, November 28, 2010

Susie & Cal Tie The Knot (Part 1)

Working with Susie was like a dream, every planner has an ideal bride that he/she would love to work with and Susie was just that, a dream come true. She's the most caring, thoughtful, responsible, crafty, generous & warm hearted bride I've ever encountered. period. thus, I must admit this wedding was my favorite wedding of the year. I mean, who would ever think to prepare snacks/brunch for the vendors on the day of HER wedding?! I joked around with her asking if she really was the bride. ;) Her words & actions are so considerate and thoughtful that I learned so much by watching her interact with guests, family members and throughout the planning process. As I was listening to all the toasts during the evening, I kept tearing up because of the genuine love & support they had for one another. SO thankful to be a friend of Susie now and here's a glimpse of her beauty & grace captured by the talented Sandra Pan. Part 2 is coming up soon and I'll be sure to list the dream team who worked on this wedding together. They tied the knot back in August at the Rancho Del Cielo in Malibu and we were SO lucky to have the perfect weather with breathtaking views that day!




Take a peek at our 'make your own ice cream sandwich' station with the Diddy Riese cookies, yum!

This last photo is probably one of my fav!

Here's an email I received five in the morning the next day..Yeap, this is Susie.. Who can't resist her? ;)

"Hi Esther and Kristine!
I am having trouble sleeping thinking about how perfect the wedding turned out to be! I had no doubt that you ladies would do a wonderful job, but everything really exceeded my already high expectations! Kristine, the flowers were absolutely amazing. You transformed the ceremony area and the reception area was so beautiful. Esther, your little touches did not go unnoticed and you were the perfect team leader. My parents were beyond thrilled with the outcome, as were cal and I. Thank you again and I really hope we keep in touch.

Jason from Cloud 9 just sent over their wedding highlight and it's a MUST WATCH!! Watching this video makes me love my job even more!

Susie + Cal Highlight from Jason Kim on Vimeo.


Rowaida said...

Gorgeous wedding and wonderful job! Everything looks perfect!
Rowaida Flayhan

HannahKooDesigns said...

Aww.. that truly was beautiful! Another wonderful job Esther!!! Touching video and yes a Lovely bride!

Esther said...

awww, thanks hannah! we need to work together more often next year! :)

kristin kidd said...

love all the details of this wedding!