Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Walk to Remember: Personalize your ceremony set up

There are so many different ways of personalizing your wedding even in your ceremony set up. 1) You can DIY your aisle runner. You can place your monogram or names placed on the beginning of the runner

Photo Credit: Event Bella Designs
2) Not liking the traditional runner? You can place white rocks or pebbles instead.

Photo Credit: Jenny Park of Studio 104 Photo Credit: Trista Lerit Photography

2) Instead of the classic way of throwing the rose petals down the aisle, you can make your own design such as having your initials or making a pattern design. This couple got married on 8-8-8 and their wedding date ran down the aisle.

Photo Credit: Jules Bianchi

Photo Credit: Triple Cord
Now, here is my favorite ceremony set up for the year. This circular seating was such a hit to all the guests. For Becky & Dan's wedding, many guests commented how they liked the ceremony set up because it felt more personal and intimate. If you can coordinate well with the ushers to fill up the seats evenly, I highly recommend it. *Tip: It does take a bit longer for the staff so make sure they get started earlier.

Photo Credit: John and Joseph Photography

Photo Credit: Studio Q
I love how the bridal party is surrounding the bride and groom

Photo Credit: Michael Norwood